We produce customer-specific products with the latest technology ABC Co-Ex machines, which are 30cm to 300cm, single sheet thickness between 30 microns and 400 microns.

Industrial solutions in LDPE Film and Industrial Bag, HDPE Film and Industrial Bag, garbage bag products in custom sizes.

Our pallet covers are produced in standard Europalet sizes. It can be used to pack pallets up to 3 meters high.

Block, granule, honeycomb anti-odor Active Carbon Filters can be produced with a surface area of >1500g / m2, especially in the white goods sector.


Expert Staff

Tailor-made packaging bags and packaging films are produced by providing the best solutions for your needs.


Since 2000

We are in the global plastics industry


Çag-Plast Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi , 2018 yılında Zafer Kalkınma Ajansının çağrıda bulunduğu Gelişen Kobi Mali Destek Programı(GEKOP)'na başvurmuştur. TR33/18/GEKOP/0043 sözleşme numarası ile Ar-Ge Faaliyetleriyle Geliştirilen Yenilikçi Ürün Antistatik Kompozit Ambalajın Üretim ve İhracat Kapasitesinin Artırılması sözleşme imzalanmış ve 2019 yılı haziran itibari ile projemiz başarı ile sonlandırılmıştır.


Production System

Our company, which continues its activities in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, has been continuing its production with the principle of providing the right quality and quality packaging at the right time to its business partners and customers since the company established.


All raw materials used in the production of our products are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. As of May 2022, we meet 100% of our electricity demand from the with our Solar Energy System with an installed power of 553.50 kWp and a production potential of 850,000 KW / Year.

Work Safety

In addition to the fact that the substances used in production are not harmful to human health, thanks to the integrated technology, the problems that may occur during production are also prevented.

Integrated Technology

By using advanced automation technology and control systems in our production system, successful products can be brought to the market quickly, enabling our company to keep up with constantly changing customer demands.



If you want to follow the innovations in the sector and be a part of our expert staff that offers creative solutions; we are waiting for you.


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