PCR Plate

Low-profile wells optimized for low volume reactions and fast PCR Full skirt for robotic handling and labeling surface

Footprint and well spacing match ANSI/SBS standard dimensions Manufactured from medical grade polypropylene, free of DNase, Rnase and Pyrogen.

Letters and numbers are embossed, cleaned with 254 NM wavelength UV and individually packaged. It can also be produced in black if requested. Proudly designed and manufactured in Turkey.

*Sealing Film compatible with Plate is also available, please contact for order.

Compatible Devices

C1000TM, C1000 TouchTM, S1000TM, DNA Engine®, DNA Engine Tetrad®, Tetrad 2, DNA Engine Dyad®, Dyad DiscipleTM, PTC-100®, Eopendorf Mastercvcler series, CEX ConnectTM, CFX96TM,CFX96 TouchTM,CFX384TM,CFX384 TouchTM, CFX96 Touch Deep wellTM, Chromo4TM, DNA Engine Opticon®, Opticon 2, Eppendorf Mastercvcler eo rea/olex, Idaho Technology LightScanner

*Before purchasing, you should definitely ask for a sample to check the compatibility with your device.